Hello, world!

Here are a few samples (of many) scripting/coding projects I have undertaken for fun and amusement:

  • Migration from precarious internally-developed custom Python framework to Robot Framework.
  • Various Java EE apps and things
  • Google App Engine
  • Android app development
  • Python Barcode UPC/EAN/Inventory management class file
  • Various associated Python scripts for managing timecards, inventory, mileage logs, and UPC database
  • Recompiling ab2vcard for Intel-64 archetecture

EcoSmart Remote

Embedded firmware remote interface for tankless water heater

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Appdaemon Apps

Various AppDaemon 3.0 apps

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Self-managing double-opt-in telephone voice message broadcasting system

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Nifty tech tag lists fromĀ Wouter Beeftink